Welcome, we are Openware!

 The New Generation ICT Company.

We are a professional ICT company based in Dubai – United Arab Emirates,
providing end-to-end solutions in the information technology industry.

Secure Cloud Hosting Service

Services That Will Scale To Your Business

We provide robust cloud hosting services.
No CAPEX. No Hardware. No Software. No Maintenance.
Our services will configure and work exactly to your specifications,
in a solution that grows with your business.

Servers, Dedicated & Virtual

It’s all about the processing power and storage you need

We provide managed & unmanaged servers for your demanding and complex applications.
Customize and deploy the right servers, storage and networking you need.
99.99% uptime SLA, high speed unlimited Internet bandwidth, 24/7/365 support and more.

The Future is Open Source

Open source is not about freedom, nor is it about licenses,
It’s about the community

We at Openware believe in open source.
We design, deploy & maintain a wide range of highly cost effective open source solutions.
Over a decade of experience deploying open source, Linux and FreeBSD based solutions.

Exceptional Technical Services

Outstanding Support Delivered With Superior Technical Knowledge

We plan, design, deploy, operate & maintain.
Our array of technical services will help you reach your computing needs.
Our engineers have experience listening to specific challenges and designing solutions,
that work for organizations of all types.

Openware Systems,
The Source for Computing and Technology.

Outstanding Products & Services, Delivered With Superior Technical Skills.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Over a decade in business and we strive on improving our products & services on a daily basis, we believe there is always room for improvement.

Our Focus is You

We value our customers association with us and we ensure that our commitments and deliveries remain one of our utmost priorities.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us, we love any type of suggestions whether it be good or if there are any areas we need to improve on.

Our Partners